AA Dalmatia

Old town, city center view from the sky.

Welcome to the city whose inhabitants have built their homes 
inside 1700 years old walls of the Diocletian’s palace and made it 
the unique living monument in the world. Split the most beautiful city in the world as its inhabitants enjoy calling it. 

Split is charming Mediterranean town, and the second largest city in Croatia.

The city is registered in 
the register of world’s cultural heritage and is under the UNESCO 
protection from 1979. 

Split 1700 years old stone path next to the cathedral.

Walking along Split’s streets, you are walking through centuries of history and art.

Split St. Domnius cathedral Peristil

Split oldest part is Roman palace build centuries ago, in today days it’s a city center. The emperor’s Peristil in the center of the Palace is one the most recognizable Split motifs. It is a real culture treasure.Roman emperor Diocletian build this palace for his retirement.

Photo of St. Domnius Cathedral in the night

St. Domnius is the patron saint the city of Split and the Bishop of Salona from 284 to 304. The former mausoleum of the Emperor Diocletian is the oldest cathedral in the world because it has served for so long as a place of public worship. Residents of Split have raised a magnificent bell tower, which today has become the symbol of the city. St. Domnius feast is celebrated on May 7th.

Diocletian's basements Split

Diocletian’s cellars in the palace represents best preserved antique complex of its kind.

The stone statue work of Ivana Mestrovic

While you are in Split don’t forget to rub the toe of a bronze statue of Gregory of Nin. Toe is completely smooth because of the local believe that rubbing his toe brings a good fortune. The statue is the work of the world famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic

Split riva promenade in a evening walk.

Apart from Diocletian’s Palace and numerous cultural monuments from all epochs of this millennia-old city history the attractive Riva promenade and 14 km of beaches, Split also prides it’s self on its numerous sports and cultural and entertainment events