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Croatia more then thousand islands

Golden horn at Bol Island Brac, view from the sky

Brac island – Zlatni rat beach
One of the island’s trademarks is the widely famous beach, Zlatni rat in Bol, whose unique beauty leave every visitor breathless. Many consider this to be the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic. It is located next to Bol in the foot hills of Vidova gora. This beach is a natural phenomenon because depending on the direction of the wind or waves, the tip of tip beach turns left or right.

The largest Dalmatian island and the third biggest Adriatic island Brac. It is widely famous for its stone which adorns the world famous buildings (part of the White house in Washington D.C is made of it).

Vidova gora is the highest peak of the Adriatic archipelago (780 metres), and it was named after the ruins of Saint Vitus’s Church located only a hundred meters from the peak.

View at Hvar island, Devils islands

The Island of Hvar

Since the beginning of civilization, from the culture in antique Faros that was promulgated in 384/383 BC with the remains of Roman artefacts, to medieval building, along’ than any other Adriatic island. Unique in its size and beauty, with a mild climate of temperate winters and pleasant summers, the island of Hvar is a place to visit if you, with a historical environment, bountiful nature,flowers, vineyards, olive groves and numerous cultural sites. Furthermore, Hvar is one d the ten most attractive islands in the world according to “Traveler Magazine” The City of Hvar is unavoidable destination of all celebrities who visit central Dalmatia.

Stiniva beach island of Vis, Croatia

The Island Vis

If you love the pristine nature of the blue Adriatic, then the island of Vis is the best choice for you to visit. This is an area that has preserved the karst phenomena, such as the Blue, Medvidina and Green caves on the nearby island of Biševo, and the area is also adorned with serene meadows in the central part of the island, as well as with vine yards, Mediterranean herbs, palm trees and citrus fruit. There are not many places where you can enjoy vast, unspoiled nature and settlements established in antiquity as much as you can on the island of Vis